Escape room

Welcome to the EXIT/SALIDA – Trapped in the Museum escape game! You and your friends take a trip to the museum when something goes amiss… it seems like you’ve been locked! You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the mystery!

Could you find your way out?

This exciting interactive exhibition will test your problem solving skills, ingenuity and attention to detail, all while having fun!

Big deal for friends & families to enjoy a great time together…

Imagine that the warden accidentally locks you in a museum. The museum door will close behind you and you have 60 minutes to find the final code to get out.

Search the room thoroughly! Look for keys, codes, hints, padlocks! Please take care of yourselves and the game during playing. Nothing in there requires brute force to open or solve. Please handle locks, padlocks, items carefully.

Everything is within reach, please don’t climb each other to reach something! Nothing is hidden in dangerous places, we’ve marked the spots clearly that you shouldn’t harass.

The operator will monitor you using cameras, will provide hints if you get stuck. You can always ask the operator to help through the radio we provide, if you feel unwell or you want to quit the escape game any time, you can do so.

Using cell phones is cheating, use your brains instead!

…and the escape game is on, the clock is ticking, you have 60 minutes to get out, starting now! Have fun!

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